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Greentech Renewable Energies

Greentech renewable energies established in 2015 with a vision to spread solar power across the globe and contribute to greener environment.

Greentech Renewable Energies is a solar venture currently focused on deployment of

We are strong technology and engineering based company with substantial in housing knowledge. The company has access to latest technologies and can make technologies available based upon customer specific requirements.

“Company’s strength is that it believes in low cost high quality solutions through”

Our Vision

To continuously improve and enhance our efficiency, quality and technology to better serve our customers and provide a one stop solution for Solar.

Our Mission

To provide world class renewable energy solutions, services, technology and contribute to the sustainability of our planet, To became india’s leading corporation providing good quality , cost effective solutions for all solar related works using alternative energy resources, especially for the rural and underprivileged population with an aim to make them self reliant.

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